New products

ENVAIR eco safe Steril

Vorschaubild für ENVAIR eco safe Steril

Aseptic Isolators of latest generation

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Vorschaubild der ENVAIR eco PCR

Clean operations with DNA samples

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Hydrogen Peroxide Gassing

Wasserstoffperoxid Begasung von ENVAIR Deutschland

Decontamination of Safety Workbenches and Isolators with H2O2

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ENVAIR eco easy Clean

ENVAIR eco easy Clean Reinigungstool

Autoclavable cleaning tool for Safety Workbenches and Isolators

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ENVAIR lab ULT Freezer

Stable cold climate and sustainable deep freeze with the ENVAIR lab ULT Freezer

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Lease your technique

Leasing is better than buying – contact us!

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"Easy Change" glove change system

Time saving with glove change system

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