Equipment variants
Optional accessories

Our safety cabinets are made to the highest standards. The standard equipment that comes with them varies from model to model. However, you can always select whatever extras you need from our range of optional accessories. Equip your chosen product according to your needs.

Work surfaces

All work surfaces are made of stainless steel. As standard, we offer segmented and perforated work surfaces that both facilitate cleaning and optimise the vertical air flow. You can also order the following options: a working tray, segments without perforation, and V-shaped work surfaces.

Base frame with electronic height adjustment

We offer a base frame with electronic height adjustment as an alternative to the manually adjustable base frame. It elevates and lowers the entire working area using two integrated lifting cylinders, which means it can be adjusted for any user. The lifting cylinders are conveniently controlled using a remote control. We also offer a base frame with castors, which can be used for animal changing stations or other similar applications.

Touch screen, 19 inches

The touch screen is a very useful tool particularly for research applications, group work, or process optimisation in laboratories or pharmacies. It can be easily controlled via various interfaces and can also have additional information recorded on it from outside.


The prefilter is used for additional filtering. It can be used for abrasive applications, for example. Depending on your requirements, thick, strong filter fleeces can be inserted on an ad-hoc basis to relieve the main system in advance.

Particle monitoring

ENVAIR has a particle counter to help you ensure continuous compliance with your specified cleanliness class. It allows sustained measurement and monitoring of particulate cleanliness class A in the working area for the duration of operation of the safety cabinet. Top of the class for your safety.

Exhaust thimble

Narrow openings between the safety cabinet and the hood allow additional ambient air to be drawn in throughout the exhaust air regulation process. This prevents the formation of strong negative pressures and keeps the pressure conditions in the safety cabinet and the environment constant, resulting in a stable exhaust air flow. Suitable for decoupled connection to on-site exhaust air systems.


Connect your safety cabinet with the world. We offer the following selection of interfaces for connection to various devices and for immediate access to all data: RS 232, RS 485, USB/USB 3.0, RJ45/CAT6



Depending on your requirements, connections for a wide range of liquids and gases are possible. The laboratory fittings are ergonomic and can be integrated into the side panel or back panel. Some examples for the different taps: Nitrogen; Carbon dioxide, CO2; Combustible gases; Non-combustible gases; Service water; Pressurised air; Drinking water; Purified water; Ultrapure water

Heatable work surface

Especially for IVF applications, we offer a heated work surface as life support for biological material. The temperature can be controlled via an integrated input field. The work surface is reliably warmed for all in-vitro fertilisations.

Weighing work surface

The weighing work surface, which is flush-fitted into the stainless-steel worktop, offers an extremely stable and low-vibration working surface, e.g. for the operation of scales or vibration-sensitive analytical instruments.

Keyboard shelf for safety cabinets

The ergonomic keyboard shelf can be mounted either on the left or right side of the safety cabinet. There are no sharp edges or corners to hinder smooth operation of the keyboard. The shelf is made of antibacterial powder-coated sheet steel and can be swivelled even when securely mounted.


The new waste and material transport system PackSit prevents cross contamination during the disposal of waster materials and during packaging of finished preparations and sterile prepared infusion solutions.

Many other options are available

  • Armrests
  • Hydrogen peroxide fumigation
  • Volt-free contacts
  • UV lamps
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Hanging bars
  • etc.