Technetium Isolatoren (Nuklearmedizin)

For safe aseptic eluting of technetium generators and dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals in nuclear medicine


  • Negative pressure for operator protection and safety
  • EU GMP Grade A unidirectional airflow work area
  • Transfer chamber with electromagnetic timed interlocks and high air change rate for elimination of airborne contamination during material transfers, and rapid evaporation of disinfecting agents
  • Technetium transfer chamber with mechanically locked visor
  • Automated pressure decay leak test for indicating results and monitoring trends
  • PLC controls for easy set up, operation and maintenance
  • Good access to all potentially contaminated areas to facilitate cleaning
  • Safe to change main (primary) filter
  • Two-glove standard model or linked suites built to customer requirements
  • Thimble exhaust units also available


Type of generator catered for (all with secondary shielding):

  • Drytec
  • Elumatic III
  • Mallinckrodt

Type of dose calibrators catered for:

  • Capintec CRC25R
  • Atomlab 200


  • EN ISO 14644
  • EU GMP
  • EN 1822 (HEPA filters)
  • IEC 61010-1:2001 (Electric wiring)
  • Pharmaceutical Isolators’ Pharmaceutical Press 2004
  • AS 4273:1999 (when optional activated carbon filter is fitted)